Clientele and Industries

» dteq is your partner, whether you have a one-time requirement or a complex, long-term project. «


Leveraging our global footprint, we are always at your service and close to wherever you need us. Whether you have a one-time requirement or a complex, longer-term project, we are perfectly set up to serve individual demands based on industry type, business, and project focus.

Project Owner

We know how challenging project ownership can be. It is a critical element of any project, from which all responsibilities are derived and whose mission is to make everything succeed.
That’s why we detect potential issues before they become problems and find solutions for effective and cost-efficient results.


During the entire scope of activities, from the design to handover of a project to the owner, it is important that all processes, from timely information and documentation about operations, to reporting and controlling, run transparently, smoothly, and as planned — on time and within budget. We help you deliver customized solutions for all project scopes and stages.


We can provide assistance from the very beginning with all types of equipment, including support for designing or optimizing equipment for transportation and conducting simulations and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Considering the impact of the design from the start can help you save and minimize the risk of extra costs that might arise later.


We make shipping goods safely on the high seas at low cost a reality. dteq offers numerous solutions for your regular daily business, as well as your unique project’s needs.
Of course, we also offer many ways to optimize costs, risks, and efficiency to help you weather the market storms at all times.


Even though all of our fields of expertise and the individual services we provide are highly specialized, dteq is in the unique position of being able to customize and combine them to fit your particular purpose and goal. Let us know how we can help you!

Oil and Gas

Market conditions have become quite complex in recent years. Precision, quality, and efficiency are now more important than ever—and that’s how we do business. From consulting, planning, drawings, route surveys and calculations, to risk prevention, optimization and cost perfection.


Detailed planning and precision are the core elements of this high-tech industry. dteq combines theoretical engineering knowledge with operational experience to serve as our clients’ safety net, ensuring that projects are planned in a professional manner and executed in full accordance with the outlined plan.


The power generation industry is constantly striving to develop safe and cost-efficient solutions to satisfy the rising global energy demand. Regardless of the challenge, dteq will ensure thoroughly planned and flawlessly executed solutions. When it comes to QHSES standards, efficiency, and profitability, d.teq shares your goals and ambitions to succeed and evolve.


Sustainable does not mean easy to handle. The renewable energy industry faces constant challenges, especially when it comes to cargo handling and transportation. dteq’s vast experience in all facets of the renewable energy industry, from wind to hydropower, can be your asset where the supply chain, strategy, cargo, vehicle planning, and risk prevention are concerned.

Rolling Stock

Any rolling stock movement needs to be thoroughly planned, calculated, and executed. We understand how challenging and fragile the equipment can be, and that precise performance in line with the manufacturers’ handling instructions is crucial. Our experience in this field will benefit you on everything from simple lifting calculations via traverses to tailor-made lashing concepts.


The relocation of existing manufacturing facilities, such as steel mills, cement mills, breweries, and much more, is a complex and challenging venture. dteq’s diverse portfolio is the right fit for the job, able to cover everything from the professional planning of equipment size to complete packing concepts, minimizing overall costs and risks.


The mining industry is a highly sophisticated and competitive industry that relies on the most cost-efficient solutions while maintaining the highest safety standards. Starting with the planning phase and working up to the final technical proposal at dteq, we have a clear understanding of requirements and standards, and always endeavor to exceed your expectations.


Infrastructure projects tend to be high-cost investments, but are vital to overall local or regional development and prosperity. Legal regulations and industry standards make these projects even more complex, especially when you are working on a time-sensitive schedule. dteq understands how critical these timelines are, and the importance of having zero incidents in order to meet deadlines and stay on budget.