dteq Held Virtual Online Training

By end of 2020, dteq started to conduct virtual online trainings with one of our global VIP power industry clients being the first. We conducted a number of sessions within the workshop module “dteq Basic Technical Training Module 1” to ensure that the global client teams from every end of the world were supported.

We are proud of the efforts made by our dteq technical experts for planning, structuring and executing a professional, tailored and valuable program. We are also both grateful and appreciative to all of the client teams who attended the training sessions, and we are buoyed by the extremely positive feedback received to date.

As we navigate forward during these unprecedented times, we are switching our focus from physical training events to virtual platforms in order to continue supporting our clients’ education and technical growth within the heavy lift and project industry. We believe that both “plug and play” and more bespoke training can have their own benefits depending on your organizational needs and growth plans.

Get in touch with us today and find out how dteq can support your teams’ transport and logistics engineering competency.